The Value of Internships

Dear Potential Interns, I come from a family where no one has ever worked in construction and I had little-to-no experience with the construction industry prior to school. Going into college, I [...]

Employee Engagement

We see and hear the term “employee engagement” quite frequently these days but, depending on which of the 2,740,000 Google links you click on, the definition varies. To some it’s a fleeting, new [...]

The Platinum Rule – The Predictive Index

Most parents I know taught their children about the Golden Rule when they were growing up, “Treat others as you want to be treated.”    It sounded like a good philosophy and the intention seems [...]

The Commercial Construction Climate

Currently, inside the construction industry, it is well-known fact that we have a labor shortage. This deficiency has heavily influenced two aspects of our business: hiring and costs. The first [...]