Project Engineer for Construction

Project Engineer for Construction Job Description: Job Summary: Do you like to deliver high-quality work using your technical expertise? Are you someone who is conscientious, thorough and focused [...]

Controller Job Description

Controller Job Description Job Summary: Are you a results-oriented, innovative and analytical person with a drive for change? Do you like to manage multiple priorities and see the results of your [...]


Fixtures + Fabrication Shop Machinist Job Summary: Are you an accommodating and analytical individual, who produces highly precise and accurate work? Are you an introspective person who likes [...]


Commercial Construction Estimator Job Description Job Summary: Are you a technical and analytical person who enjoys a clearly-defined job scope based on proven and defined policies and [...]


Traveling Commercial Construction Superintendent Job Description Job Summary: This key role for a traveling commercial construction superintendent will be responsible for the overall execution of [...]

Robert Schmidt

Robert (Bob) Schmidt, the Production Manager for the Fixtures + Fabrication division of The MDC Group, oversees the team and daily shop operations.  Prior to working at The MDC Group, Bob was a [...]

Eric Hardebeck

As a project manager for The MDC Group’s Fixtures + Fabrication division, Eric Hardebeck oversees an array of projects.  Eric holds a BS in Engineering & Technology Supervision from IUPUI, as [...]

Mike Smith

As a project manager at The MDC Group, Mike has extensive experience in managing multi-site operations, project management, scheduling and consulting. Mike has had a passion for construction for [...]

Sloan Smith-Moultrie

As Project Manager in Special Projects, Sloan Smith-Moultrie has a breadth of experience in the construction industry. Growing up, from a young age, reviewing plans at his father’s architectural [...]